Karen Hicks is a woman who has lived life dancing free on one foot, waving her arms like flags into the sun, but never afraid to look at the dark spaces across the tracks.  Reading her work is an invitation into her heart.  
Chris Gantry, Author, Poet, Singer/Songwriter
On April 2, 1870, readers of the New York Herald open their newspapers to an astonishing headline: “The Coming Woman, Victoria C. Woodhull, to race for the White House!” And so begins the story of power, politics, promiscuity, and persecution surrounding one of the most fascinating and controversial women in American history.

Reactions to Victoria’s announcement are mostly amused. After all, women can’t even vote!  But she and her sister already mix it up with the men on Wall Street, running the first woman-owned and run brokerage firm, and now she launches the first successful mainstream newspaper to be run by a woman.  When she becomes the first woman to enter the bastion of male dominance, the House Judiciary Committee, her argument that the 14th and 15th Amendments already give women the vote stuns the men and electrifies the women!

As her power and influence grow, the male-dominated media attacks.  Victoria counters the assaults by becoming bolder, urging women to revolt—even to secede—if they are not recognized as citizens. Such radical views, combined with her political ambitions, stir up controversy, but she will not be deterred.

On May 10, 1872, the Equal Rights Party officially nominates her as its Presidential candidate, with former-slave-turned-statesman Frederick Douglass as her V.P. If she thought she was persecuted before, it is nothing compared to what follows. Stay tuned to read the whole exciting story.....

What kind of confidence would it take for a woman to buck the old boy's club of politics in 1872? More than 140 years pre-Hillary, there was Victoria Woodhull. This book takes you back with a breathtaking present-tense bird's eye view into a time when women's liberation was primarily confined to one woman's very capable, independent mind. I couldn't put it down. .
Ruth Buzzi, Comedienne, Golden Globe Award Winner, TV Hall of Fame Inductee
Sadly, too many Americans have never heard of Victoria Woodhull, let alone learned of her story; her revolutionary campaign for the Presidency at a time when women weren't even allowed to vote, her support for worker's rights, or her feminist commitment to equality, a century before the official battle over the Equal Rights Amendment. But in THE COMING WOMAN, Karen Hicks brings Woodhull's efforts to life, and reminds us that some of our nation's greatest figures aren't always featured in the history books. It is a riveting account of an amazing woman and her struggle for justice and human dignity, told in an engaging and eminently readable style. 
Tim Wise, author, White Like Me: Reflections on Race from a Privileged Son
THE COMING WOMAN is a great read and a long overdue biography, written beautifully by Ms. Hicks. Victoria Woodhull comes alive in each and every paragraph; a vital strength and spirit in Woodhull propels her to run for President of the United States when women weren't even allowed to vote! What a woman, what a book! An inspiring must read for every woman and any adventurous men! Thank you, Ms. Hicks, for finally telling Victoria's colorful story. 
Jennifer Lee Pryor, President, Indigo, Inc., Tarnished Angel, Inc,
Director, Pryor's Planet
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Karen Hicks, Author

If you have a heart, if you have a soul, Karen Hicks' THE COMING WOMAN will make you fall in love with Victoria Woodhull. 
Kinky Friedman, Author & Governor of the Heart of Texas