A love story that asks: If they've already met in their dreams, are they destined to be together?  When Brynn McAlister and Charlie Wayne Peterson meet in Gatlinburg, Tennesee, romance is in the air and all goes well until Charlie Wayne is exposed as actor Canaan Wind Pierce.  Who is the betrayer, who the betrayed? Can Canaan save Brynn's life using his Shaman training ?  Can destiny help them overcome mistrust and hostility as they return to the real world? A world where she must promote not only his show, but his upcoming nuptials--to someone else!

Their love has overcome betrayal, secrets, and separation. But will what they face next destroy them?

Married and parents, Brynn and Canaan struggle to keep the flame alive through the daily grind. But when dreams are dashed, will they break apart?

Faced with tremendous loss, Brynn buries herself in a bottle. Will Canaan be able to rescue her before their love dies?

This is the final book in the Dream Series. Or is it? 

A sequel to Crystal Dreams, Amethyst Dreams follows Brynn and Canaan’s love story from Tennessee to California.

The wedding is private and perfect; the honeymoon everything Brynn had imagined and more. But will the reality of life in Los Angeles change things?

As Canaan’s acting career takes a hit, will the bright lights of Hollywood seduce Brynn away? A new shared dream, a return to Gatlinburg where their love was born, and a holiday with friends in Nashville seem to get them back on track—until Brynn’s big secret threatens to derail their family. Will she finally share it with Canaan before it tears them apart?Type your paragraph here.